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Gdansk – number 1 in Tripadvisor ranking!

Not long ago Gdansk placed 5th in Tripadvisor’s worldwide ranking of tourist destinations that are rising in popularity. In the newly released ranking for Europe, Gdansk placed at the very top! We have reasons to be proud.



The prestigious tourism portal Tripadvisor regularly publishes various travel destination rankings. The jury usually consists of travellers and tourists who decide which destinations are in vogue at the moment and what is worth seeing. Tripadvisor’s latest ranking, “Top Destinations on the Rise – Europe”, lists Gdansk as the top destination, putting it above such famous places as Riga, Zagreb, Ljubljana and Valletta.

This only confirms the trend from recent years – Gdansk is becoming more and more popular as a tourist destination. Our city is considered to be very attractive, cheap, safe, and, what’s more, easy to access.

We hope this is not the end!

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