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Gdansk’s Christmas Market in TOP 3!

We did it! Thanks to over 30.000 votes, Gdansk’s Christmas Market found its way to the top 3 of a competition run by Best European Destinations, for the most beautiful Christmas Fair in Europe. Gdansk placed 3. Leaving behind such cities as Brussels, Leipzig, Prague or Basel.


That’s quite an achievement – not only recognition and prestige for the market itself but also a proof of great involvement by all voters. Our market gained exactly 30.178 votes with the general number of nearly 300.000 votes cast. Because of that, only Vienna (31.811) and victorious Budapest (39.448) proved better.

Our Market was described as the most romantic one. No wonder, since it even has its own kissing place under a mistletoe!

Big congratulations to all participants, especially to the winner – Budapest.

We are all so proud of Gdansk’s Christmas Market!