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Gdansk Tourism Organization is proud to present…

…new products in the Gdansk confectionery line. This time you can enjoy our milk and dark chocolate bars in unique Gdansk-inspired wrappers. "This year we have gone for the Taste of Tradition - traditionally produced milk and dark chocolate bars, complemented by beautiful wrappers depicting Gdansk as presented on old postcards. We are glad that together with our partners we have managed to establish the Gdansk confectionery line which promotes our city both at home and abroad," emphasised Łukasz Wysocki, Pr


Taste of Tradition
Taste of Tradition
Fot. Gdansk Tourism Organization

The history of the Gdansk confectionery line began last autumn. As part of the "Sweet Gdansk" project, whisky, coffee and marzipan-flavoured chocolate bars were made. Each bar was packaged in a beautiful wrapper, decorated with paintings of an artist from Gdansk - Magda Beneda - along with a dedicated description from professor Andrzej Januszajtis. Chocolate was produced by the Bałtyk Chocolate Factory in Gdansk. 

"How could anyone not love Gdansk if its traditions taste of chocolate?" asked Konrad Mickiewicz, President of the Bałtyk Chocolate Factory. "We are glad that our local Gdansk chocolate factory can play an important role in the incredibly rich history of our city and, above all, still shape it", he added.

In spring of 2016, fruit flavoured sweets were added to the Gdansk confectionery line. One must admit that the new product has quickly conquered the palates of gourmets and gained great recognition.


Encouraged by the success of its confectionery line, the Gdansk Tourism Organization has decided to launch another sweet product. This time, as part of the “Taste of Tradition" brand, we present two types of chocolate bars – in dark and milk chocolate, produced by Bałtyk according to their traditional recipe. The wrapper for each of the bars was specially designed based on four postcards depicting Gdansk as seen through the eyes of painters... from approximately one hundred years ago! Magda Beneda was once again in charge of the graphic design.

"I created paintings which adorned the wrappers of chocolate bars, pralines and boiled sweets for the previous edition of the Gdansk confectionery line. Now, in the new edition, the line will include chocolate bars "packaged" in old postcards of Gdansk in the graphic design which I have also created," Magda Beneda explained the results of her work.

Taste of Tradition
Taste of Tradition
Fot. ZPC Baltic

All these confectionery products can be purchased from Tourist Information centres in Gdansk:

  • Gdansk Tourism Organization, ul. Długi Targ 28/29 Gdansk
  • Tourist and Airport Information at Lech Walesa Airport in Gdansk-Rębiechowo, ul. Słowackiego 200
  • Tourist Information Centre, ul. Podwale Grodzkie 8

 Starting on 3rd of December, our chocolate bars will be sold at the Christmas Market at the Gdansk Tourism Organization stand. We also encourage you to order our products by email sent to got@visitgdansk.com as well as via our online shop at sklep.visitgdansk.com

We are waiting for you and… bon appétit!

More information is available at www.visitgdansk.com and from Michał Brandt (michal.brandt@visitgdansk.com, +48 888-163-042)