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Grab your maps!

Just don’t get lost! How many times have you heard these words? Fortunately, it is not easy to get lost in Neptune’s City. This is thanks to the compact layout of the Main and Old Town, and if you do end up at a loss as to where to go, just look at a map of Gdansk. The Gdansk Tourism Organisation also issues its own maps.



Some of you will no doubt be wondering – why would anyone use a regular map nowadays if there are much more accurate maps available on our phones? A valid question, but it is important to remember that electronic maps cannot be used everywhere, and there are those who still prefer traditional, paper maps. And, contrary to what you might think, it is not always the elderly who think like this. Forgot to charge your phone, or there is no reception (though, admittedly, this is rare in Gdansk)? You are in trouble? Our tourist information stands (Madison shopping gallery, airport, Dlugi Targ) offer A4 maps of Gdansk. These maps are free of charge and contain a detailed layout of Neptune’s City with all of the major points of interest.

Download the Map

Of course, if a more durable map depicting a larger area is what you are after, you can purchase one for just a few zlotys. It is also a good idea to get a hold of a municipal transport map if you are planning on taking a bus or tram. Such maps are also available for free at public transportation Info Points.

It should also be added that free bicycle maps are scheduled for release this spring. These maps will help you move around Gdansk on your bicycle, enabling you to get some exercise, avoid traffic jams and enjoy the ride itself. The release coincides with the launch of MEVO, the Tricity public bicycle system. Map of bicycle paths is available HERE.

In other words – grab your maps and start sightseeing!