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Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Finale concert in Gdansk: “Gdansk shares good”

The Regional Centre for Volunteering in Gdansk once again joins the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity in its efforts. The money collected during the 28th Finale will be used to improve the quality of diagnostics and treatment in children’s procedural medicine. The goal to purchase the most advanced medical equipment available for saving the lives of children requiring various types of surgical procedures.

Hewelion the Lion - Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Finale
Hewelion the Lion - Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Finale
Gdansk Tourism Organization

Gdansk headquarters and volunteers
Gdansk has 12 registered Orchestra headquarters. The largest is located at the Regional Centre for Volunteering in Gdansk and numbers 700 volunteers, with more than 1200 volunteers in total raising funds for the Orchestra across the city this year.

Just like in previous years, the officials of the Gdansk City Hall and the employees of mBank have volunteered to help the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity by counting the funds in the largest headquarters of the Gdansk section of the Orchestra, located in the European Solidarity Centre.

Concert Finale – “Gdansk shares good”
Where: near Solidarity Square and the European Solidarity Centre

The concert starts at approx. 4:00 PM and ends at approx. 9:00 PM.
The concert features artists such as: Voo Voo and friends, Sound’n’Grace, Organek, Audiofeels, Lipali, Zuzia Jablonska, PECTUS, KOMBI, Natalia Capelik-Muianga Varius Manx & Kasia Stankiewicz.

The concert will also include auctions of unique items/services, conducted by the hosts. The finale will also include a unique “Light up the Sky” event to commemorate the late Mayor Pawel Adamowicz.

4:00 PM Varius Manx & Kasia Stankiewicz
4:20 PM Pectus
4:40 PM Zuzia Jablonska
5:05 PM Natalia Capelik-Muianga
5:15 PM Kombi
5:40 PM Audiofeels
5:55 PM Lipali
6:25 PM Sound'n'Grace
6:50 PM Voo Voo
7:30 PM Mayor Pawel Adamowicz memorial and Light up the Sky event
8:10 PM Organek

A detailed schedule can be found at gdanskdlaorkiestry.pl

Additional attractions:
Starting at 3:00 PM, various attractions become available at the event location:
- two Orchestra shops
- two lotteries
- blood pressure and sugar tests
- fire extinguishing demonstrations for children and adults
- opportunities to donate blood and register in a blood donor database
- first aid workshops
- car stickers in return for donations
- grand bigos cooking for Orchestra finale participants
as well as many other attractions.

Food Truck Flavour Zone
All Tricity food trucks gather in the Orchestra food area, offering a wide range of hot food to sate every appetite. The menu also includes hot beverages. The food area is organised in partnership with the Food Truck Flavour Zone.

Allegro auctions
The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation and Allegro have launched a special auction website. The service can be used free of charge, and money from the auctions goes directly to the account of the Foundation. All Gdansk auctions can be found in the auctions tab at gdanskdlaorkiestry.pl.