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Holidays in Gdansk

The summer holiday season and the summer in general is the favourite time of the year, and not just for students. The beautiful weather means everyone wants to go out and explore. Avoid travelling far to see interesting things and take part in exciting events – as Gdansk offers many of these.


Gdansk in the summer offers something for everyone – visitor and local alike. Regardless of age, Neptune's city ensures a great summer experience for everyone. Along with the usual points of interest (more on those at Gdansk hits, there are a host of different events lined up for this summer. The first of these is Baltic Sail.


Baltic Sail

This year, Gdansk becomes home to many majestic yachts between 5 and 8 July. Expect about a dozen vessels from a number of European countries – the largest and most majestic of these being the Loth Lorien (48 metres long), Minerva (50+ metres), Baltic Beauty from Sweden, a regular event attendee, as well as the Russian Yunyi Baltiets (50 m). The regatta is also accompanied by a large-scale sailing extravaganza, including a fair, sea shanty concerts and a food court.

Keep in mind that Baltic Sail is not only an opportunity to marvel at the yachts, but also to purchase a ticket and embark on a 3-4 hour cruise around the Bay of Gdansk. More information about the event at: https://www.balticsail.pl

Photo: Grzegorze Mehring / gdansk.pl


FETA Street Theatre Festival

Between 11 and 14 July, the streets of Gdansk become a stage for actors, both from Poland and abroad. The obvious reason for this is the FETA International Outdoor and Street Theatre Festival. This is one of the largest, most significant and renowned outdoor theatre festivals in Poland, this part of Europe even. The repertoire includes plays for everyone – whoever you are, young or old. What makes the festival unique is that the actors use urban spaces as their stage – on the pavement or in the parks and squares. You could say that art really comes out to meet its audience. Learn more HERE.

Photo: Grzegorz Mehring / gdansk.pl


St. Dominic's Fair

Another big event is just around the corner. On 27 July we enjoy the start of the 759th edition of St. Dominic's Fair, which runs through to 18 August. As is traditional, the fair begins with the key to the city being handed over to the local merchants, who will keep it safe for the duration of the event.

Lots of fair booths, hundreds of thousands of visitors, a wide variety of cultural and culinary choices, and an opportunity to buy virtually whatever you want: this keeps St. Dominic's Fair right up there with such recognisable events as Oktoberfest and the famous German Christmas fairs. The main streets of the city centre are transformed into a giant marketplace for more than 3 weeks. Everyone has the opportunity to buy handcrafted presents, souvenirs, toys, ceramics, as well as taste a variety of food from all around the globe. If previous editions are anything to go by, expect around 1000 fair booths and over 6 million people attending the event.

It is worth noting that the fair dates back to 1260, when Pope Alexander IV allowed the Dominican order to offer indulgences for a prolonged period of time around their patron saint's feast day. More information at: http://jarmarkdominika.pl

Photo: Przemek Szalecki / gdansk.pl


23rd Shakespeare Festival

Two years ago it was no coincidence that Prince William and Duchess Kate chose Gdansk, the only Polish city apart from Warsaw, as a must-see place on their visit to Poland. Gdansk was the first city in the world outside of Great Britain to have its own Shakespearean Theatre, and today its traditions proudly continue in a modern building erected in 2014.

Every day between 26 July and 4 August you can enjoy several plays based on the works of William Shakespeare, staged at the Gdansk Shakespeare Theatre.

More information at: http://festiwalszekspirowski.pl/pl/strona-glowna

Photo: Grzegorz Mehring / gdansk.pl


XIV “Mozartiana” International Mozart Festival

This August, the Uphagen House and Oliwa Park become the stage for “Mozartiana”, which this year is in its 14th edition. Between 18 and 24 August, you can listen to a number of compositions by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (the greatest composer of all time, according to many), performed by the best choirs and ensembles. His music never hits as close to home as during this magical week full of wonderful musical moments. More information at: http://www.mozartiana.pl

Photo: Grzegorz Mehring / gdansk.pl


These are just some of the huge number of attractions which await you in Gdansk this summer. One thing is certain – you would be hard-pressed to be bored in our city!