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How about a camper van trip to Gdansk?

Tourism has changed a lot over the last year. Many forms of exploration have become less popular, but not all of them. Such as? Camper van tourism, of course!



Many dream of having a house on wheels. After all a camper van lets you “live” wherever you like. Here today, then somewhere else tomorrow – many kilometres away. All this in very comfortable conditions. Small rooms with beds
and tables, a kitchen with a fridge and minibar, as well as a shower-equipped bathroom, all in one vehicle. But why stop there! Some even come with a veranda covered by a cleverly designed fabric roof.

American campers are often the size of a bus and come with space to fit a smaller car, but are not that popular on our continent, so we can skip those.

When it comes to the drawbacks of mobile living, there is really only one – the price. The cost of a new camper van is well over PLN 200,000. Used ones are slightly cheaper. Thankfully you do not need to buy – there are networks of places where you can rent one for a specified period of time. Simply choose your model and how long you want to rent it, and that is it. You pay, and then return the vehicle after the trip, it is as simple as that. You only need to Google “camper rental” for a whole range of places to choose from. There is something for everyone – from small to maximum sized vehicles.

Campers are a great example of clever space optimisation. For many they are also the symbol of freedom. This is especially true during the COVID-19 pandemic. Travel with the people you know and love, and spend the nights with them as well. No need to bother with hotels, as places to park up are easier and a whole lot cheaper. Specialised sites dedicated for campers continue to grow in number in Poland with each passing year, and Gdansk and its surrounding areas are no exception!

Here are some selected Gdansk sites:


Camping Stogi nr 218.

80-656 Gdansk, Wydmy 9 

Tel. 58 307-39-15  

Camping Stogi nr 218 is open from 25 April to 5 October. It is located in a pine forest 350 metres from the beach.

The location is secure, fenced-off and has good lighting. The STOGI PLAZA tram stop is nearby (Gdansk city centre is a 20-minute ride away on the no. 8 tram).

Details, contact info and current pricing: https://camping-gdansk.pl/


Resort Centre Przy Wydmach

80-656 Gdansk, Wydmy 6 

Tel. 58 307-30-81, 58 304-20-70, 58 307-30-29

Osrodek Wypoczynkowy Przy Wydmach Gdansk-Stogi is another camping site in the Stogi district, around 6 km from the city centre and 300 m from the main entry to the beach boardwalk, which also features a bicycle trail that runs the whole length of Tricity.

Details, contact info and current pricing: https://osrodekprzywydmach.pl/


PG Camper Park.

Gdansk, Towarowa 40 

Tel. 608-303-079

PG Camper Park offers 36 camper and trailer spaces, as well as access to electricity, running water, showers and restrooms (availability varies depending on the date)

Details, contact info and current pricing: https://csa.pg.edu.pl/camperpark


Camping Bursztynowy Las

80-642 Gdansk, ul. Stogi 1

Tel. 601-888-897

30 large camper van and trailer spaces. 

This site is perfect for anyone who is looking for peace and space, and wants to experience nature up-close, as well as anyone who values having a beautiful beach and some urban attractions close by. You have access to a kitchen and a dining area, as well as comfortable restrooms. 

Details, contact info and current pricing: https://www.bursztynowylas.pl/camping


Camping Park45 (Sopot)

81-731 Sopot, ul. Bitwy pod Plowcami 73-79

Tel. 690-273-810

This site offers a partially-forested, 3.2-ha area located right at by the sea, featuring natural green areas with dedicated camper, trailer and tent spaces.

Details, contact info and current pricing: https://www.park45.pl/

Remember to check out the location’s website before booking and heading to Gdansk, to familiarise yourself with the terms of service, particularly during the pandemic.


Enjoy your camper adventure in Gdansk!