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In winter, we meet at Christmas Fair!

The Gdansk Christmas Fair is considered one of the most beautiful Christmas fairs in Poland. Its fable-like, holiday atmosphere enchants both the inhabitants of the Tricity and tourists, and makes it their favourite place to spend the winter days. Because it's beautiful here!


New design, new zone, new space

The Fair has new attractions every year. This time, it will be a magnificent two-storey Gdansk Merry-Go-Round – you may already know it from the Targ Rybi square, but now you will be able to enjoy it in the Targ Weglowy square.

Another new addition is the Food Court in the central part of the square, open until 13 January. It will be simply delicious here! Taste various cuisines: Spanish (churros), Hungarian (kürtőskalács, lángos), Alsatian (flatbread) and Polish (poppyseed cake, pierogi, sausage rolls, borscht and zurek soup). Try original tea flavours, hot chocolates and aromatic mulled wine, served in ceramic collector cups or disposal cups manufactured specifically for the Fair (together with a Fair-themed napkin). Enjoy the new eating venues in the Food Court – spacious gazebos with furniture and radiant heaters.

This will be the first time the Fair extends to the other side of Waly Jagiellonskie street as handicraft stands will also be available in the yard of Forum Gdansk.


Moose Lucek is back!

Traditionally, the heart of the Fair is the Angel Wheel with mobile figures of the Three Wise Men, the Holy Family, angels and saints. The historical Great Armoury will host an indoor Handicrafts Fair. Enjoy kisses Under the Mistletoe, spectacular colours at the Christmas Tree of Young Inhabitants of Gdansk, the fable-like atmosphere in the Enchanted Chariot pulled by two reindeer, and real winter at the Ice Hill with a sledding slope. Have a good laugh with Moose Lucek, who speaks, hums, sings and tells jokes, just as he did last year.

Fable processions and parades

On Saturday 1 December, the Fair will open with the Elf Parade. And from this moment on, processions and parades will accompany the Fair on all weekdays. In the first week, visitors will be entertained by elves, and on 6 December, by Santa too. In the second week, the Fair will welcome the Retinue of the Snow Queen, and in the third week, the Parade of Carol Singers, with the characters played by actors from Theatre Feta.

On Saturdays and Sundays, the Great Armoury will host art workshops for children, delivered by instructors from Gdanski Archipelag Kultury (from 12:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.). The programme includes the creation of Santas, dwarves, angels and Christmas decorations, as well as singing workshops.

Helping is beautiful!

The Gdansk Fair will raise funds for the Hospice Foundation. Helping at the Fair is simple: just put the money in the collection box while taking a ride on the Merry-Go-Round or visiting the Foundation’s stand in the Armoury. Donations will also be collected through works entered by schoolchildren for the Fair’s art contest, Angels Play for the Hospice.

See how we celebrated lat year by clicking HERE

Surrounded by the magnificent setting and the sounds of Christmas carols, feel the warmth of the approaching Christmas as you stroll down Angel Street, Chocolate Street and Cinnamon Street – alleys created in the Targ Weglowy square specifically for this winter time.


  • IT'S DELICIOUS HERE – Food Court
  • IT’S SPINNING HERE – the Gdansk Merry-Go-Round
  • SAINTS ARE HERE – Angel Wheel with movable figures
  • MOOSE LUCEK IS HERE – Attention! He talks – Habitat of the Moose
  • FABLES ARE HERE – Christmas parades
  • THE THRONE IS HERE AND HE IS NEAR – we look for Santa – here and there
  • LIGHTS ARE HERE – Enchanted Chariot with reindeer
  • AND HERE TOO – Christmas 3D illuminations
  • KISSES ARE HERE – stop under the mistletoe
  • GET IN THE MOOD HERE – a grove with a shrine
  • LET’S MEET HERE – with mulled winter wine
  • WINTER IS HERE – even if it’s nowhere else to be found: Ice Hill with a sledding slope
  • COLOURS ARE HERE – the Christmas tree of Young Inhabitants of Gdansk
  • FUN IS HERE – children games zone, art workshop




1 talking Moose Lucek

2 reindeer in the Enchanted Chariot

4 entrance gates

8-metre Angel Wheel

15 zloty: price of one mug – a souvenir from the Fair
16 Christmas parades
25 zloty: price of two mugs
35-metre sledding slope on the Ice Hill

40 Food Court stands / Targ Weglowy square

45 art stands / Great Armoury of Art

60 handicraft stands / Targ Weglowy square, Forum Gdansk

78 passengers in the Gdansk Merry-Go-Round



CHRISTMAS FAIR / handicrafts – 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

FOOD COURT / Thu-Sat 1:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., Sun-Wed 1:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.