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Join us for a cruise in Gdansk!

Gdansk is a naval city located on the charming river Motlawa. There’s certainly no shortage of water attractions here. The following list presents 5 selected water-themed activities worth undertaking in Neptune’s city.


Let’s start with kayaks.

Gdańsk z Kajaka


Summer encourages active leisure by the water. There is no better idea than to explore Gdansk... from a kayak! That’s right. Once we have seen the Royal Route and other attractions from the land, it’s worthwhile getting into a canoe and viewing the city from a totally different, exceptionally interesting perspective. The company Gdansk From a Kayak offers a wide variety of choices of canoe trips during which you will boat on the Moltawa and its incredibly charming river’s outlet, Oplyw, running alongside the Gdansk’s defensible barracks. You will also be able to see the shipyard area and move with the current of the Radunia river all the way to the city. Safety is the first priority, so the whole trip is led by a professional guide. You can decide to go on a cruise with an English-speaking guide service.

There are several kinds of trips to choose from, with names revealing the attractions involved: ‘The Kayak Adventure around Gdansk’, ‘Gdansk from a Kayak at the Sunset’, ‘Kyak Trip to the Sobieszewska Island’, ‘Down the Zulawska Radunia River Straight to Gdansk’, ‘Around Gdansk’s two islands’.

Unforgettable experiences and marvellous views guaranteed!

It’s time for a boat. The eco-boat.



If you prefer to admire Gdansk from the water calmly and quietly, but you are not a huge fan of paddling, don’t worry. The company H2O Limo recommends renting ecological, solar-energy-driven boats, and organising sightseeing aboard. You can rent a boat for such occasions as small events, engagement parties, dates, and photo sessions. During a boat trip you will go from Gdansk centre up to the Sobieszowska Island.

You will be accompanied by a steersman, but you are free to try some steering yourself. As long as you are under the watchful eye of a skipper, you can try your hand at it.

Luxury on the Water: Premium Yachting.

Premium Yachting


If you wish for some relaxation time on the Moltawa or in Gdansk Bay’s water, the Premium Yachting offer is the one for you. With a capacity of over a dozen passengers, luxury yachts can serve as a space for special events such as bachelor or bachelorette parties, cinematography events, company integration parties, sailing regattas, and quiet cruises - it is all up to you. On board the boat you can enjoy excellent catering of our choice, and an experienced steersman shall ensure your safety the whole time. What more could you ask for?

Want to go even farther?



If you wish to go somewhere as far as Hel Peninsula, you may want to check the offer of Zegluga Gdanska. Comfortable, large, and safe catamarans and boats will take you for a cruise from the very centre of Gdansk. You can head for Hel Peninsula or Sopot, as well as Westerplatte Peninsula. If you decide to choose the latter, you will be granted a discount – all you need is your Tourist Card.

It is a perfect summer alternative to jammed streets. Instead of getting stuck in traffic, you will enjoy the sea breeze, saving your time and nerves.

On a Water Tram



Finally, it is worth mentioning 2 water tram lines. Water tram rides allow you to feel almost like you are in Venice. There are 2 water tram lines in Gdansk: F5 and F6, with following routes: Zabi Kruk – Brzezno – Zabi Kruk and Targ Rybny – Sobieszewo – Targ Rybny. Most importantly, each boat has a capacity of up to 25 passengers and 3 bicycles. It is a perfect and affordable alternative to car travel, with benefits of enjoying Gdansk’s sights to see from the water.