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Living in Gdansk is good!

According to a ranking, by an international company Numbeo, which collects and analyzes data from the countries worldwide, Gdansk is 1st in Poland, 30th in Europe and 88th in the World when it comes to the standard of living.

Gdansk Tourism Organization


From the data collected locally we already know that Gdansk in the spearhead of places best for living, working and relaxing. The dynamic growth in the number of tourists arriving to our city is a further confirmation.  

According to Numbeo list, Gdansk is the best in Poland, when it comes to the quality of living, with a staggering 164,78 points. Second place was taken by Poznan with 149,89 points.

While preparing the ranking, things like safety, medical care, pollution or transportation are taken under consideration. It’s worth mentioning that Neptune’s City bested such “super-powers” like Rome, London, Paris, Madrid, Dublin or Prague.

You can find the details HERE.

It’s definitely worth living in Gdansk!