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Long live Poland – 100 years of independence!

Exactly 100 years have passed since Poland was able to regain its independence after 123 years of slavery and reappeared on the map of Europe. Our homeland was restored thanks to hard work, dedication and heroism in combat displayed by its sons and daughters. Such an important anniversary must be celebrated accordingly!



Hoist the flag!

11 flags, to be exact – that is how many our city has added this year. The white and red flag and the Polish coat of arms are the focal points of every year’s Independence Day celebrations. This time, 11 new masts have been erected in Gdansk, which will soon have Polish flags waving from them. The most prominent of these is the 42-metre mast built on Gora Gradowa. It weighs as much as 43 tonnes and can be seen from many kilometres away. The flags which are to be hoisted there are equally as impressive, measuring 8 by 5 metres each!


Artistic patriotism – 100 years of Poland in art

To celebrate this milestone anniversary of Poland regaining its independence, artists from the Triada gallery (Gdansk, 11/12 Piwna Street) are working on an exhibition of works related to the broad topic that is art and its place in the lives of Poles. They take on the subject of patriotism, presenting it from the point of view of artists and art. The exhibition is available from 5 to 12 November.


Wind from the sea. One hundred years later

On the one-hundredth anniversary of Poland regaining her independence, the National Museum in Gdansk and the Joseph Conrad-Korzeniowski Province and City Public Library in Gdansk decided to create a unique collection of paintings inspired by the stories of Polish writer Stefan Zeromski, originally compiled in his book Wind from the sea. The exhibition was inaugurated on 10 October and ends on 11 November, the Polish Independence Day.

The newly-created paintings are also used as illustrations in a special edition of Zeromski’s book, which was deliberately chosen to be part of the project. Zeromski wrote Wind from the sea while enchanted by the Polish coast, its landscape and history during his stay in Powisle in 1920, where he supported the region’s joining the Polish state. The creators of the project considered this an interesting reference to the Independence Day celebrations which take place in Pomerania.


100 out of 100. Musical decades of freedom: the concert

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of Poland regaining her independence, the Polish Music Publishing House would like to invite you to a unique series of 11 concerts in Poland and 11 concerts in the largest concert halls in the world!

The project “100 out of 100. Musical decades of freedom” is aimed at popularising the latest of Polish musical heritage across the globe. The 20th and 21st century Polish aural art has both given us reasons to be proud and constituted a topic of lively discussions due to its high artistic merit, sophistication, aesthetic openness and variety of styles used. Sheets with Polish music not only match the most important trends of the last century, but also set new artistic trends of their own. The Gdansk concert will take place in the European Solidarity Centre on 11 November at 10:00 PM. It is also the final Polish concert in the series.


Temporary exhibition – Armoured Wings

The Museum of the Second World War would like to invite you to an exhibition which is sure to please all those with a keen interest in the history of World War II, in particular the Polish armoured units which fought in it. The exhibition is titled Armoured Wings and focuses on the 1st Armoured Division of General Maczek and its battles on the territory of Belgium. The exhibition officially launched on 12 October 2018 and is open until the end of the year.


Can’t celebrate without a parade!

As is tradition, the magnificent Independence Parade will walk the streets of Gdansk on 11 November. Reenactment groups, old vehicles and the wonderful patriotic atmosphere are all making a comeback. This year’s parade in Gdansk starts on 11 November 2018, at 8:30 AM, which is earlier than usual, in Podwale Staromiejskie. The march itself starts at 9:30 AM.

The Historic Photo of Gdansk Citizens taken on the 100th anniversary is this year’s special event and is scheduled to take place on Dlugi Targ at 11:30 AM.

It is worth adding that 100 Polish flags will be waving from masts above Gdansk, including the largest of them all, hoisted on the mast on Gradowa Gora.

As you can see, there is a plethora of attractions planned for this year. We are sure that everyone has their own way of celebrating this momentous event. And what is yours?