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Meet Gdańsk in one night!

An exceptional night, during which all museums in Gdańsk are open. This extraordinary night event attracts crowds – you can't miss it! As every year, it takes place on Saturday, before or after the International Museum Day. This year's Night of Museums will be held from May 19th to 20th. Most of them will be open between 19:00 and 1:00.

Night of Museums
Night of Museums
IKM Gdansk

Long queues, bad weather or even tiredness are not an obstacle for many while waiting for the entrance to the museum. Maybe it's the thrill of the night, the joy of going out together with your loved ones, or just a simple curiosity? Probably all of the above, because the organizers come up with amazing ideas to attract the attention of the visitors. Multimedia shows, live music... these are just a few of the numerous attractions. It is a unique night, during which you can visit unknown nooks and crannies, and also discover the incredible impressions of visiting the museums "under the mantle of darkness."

Last year, among other things, you could:

  • get to know the Slavic customs;
  • play the field game "Secrets of the Water Cane";
  • experience a night trip to Japan;
  • catch a glimpse of Ukraine;
  • visit the famous Museum of the Second World War;
  • interactively participate in the night military reconstruction with pyrotechnic effects.

A special N0 tram will also be launched that night on the route:

Łostowice Świętokrzyska – Chełm – Hucisko – Dworzec Główny – Plac Solidarności–Kliniczna – Zaspa – Oliwa – Wrzeszcz – Opera – Dworzec Główny – Hucisko – Chełm – Łostowice Świętokrzyska

The line will operate according to a special timetable from 23:00 and 3:30 a.m., approximately every 30 minutes. Ticket prices according to the night rate.

The list of museums opened during the European Night of Museums:

  • The Academy of Fine Arts

The Great Armoury

Little Hall

Assembly Hall

The Library

Room 1A

The Armoury of Arts

The Small Armoury

The English House

  • The Gdansk Library of the Polish Academy of Sciences

"Gedanum Domus Nostra" - Gdansk Our Home

HISTORICAL COLLECTION DISPLAY (Historical Collection Reading Room) - unique and most valuable objects depicting Gdańsk of many religions: the Bible published in 1630 in Strasbourg, translated by Martin Luther, as well as other sacred books: the Koran and a fragment of the 19th century Torah, or the correspondence of Martin Luther himself.

  • Hewelianum Centre

A time vehicle to .... Middle Ages

19.30, 21.00, 22.30 KNIGHT'S SHOW The story of a young squire who travels with a knight and thanks to his courageous deeds has the honor of fitting. ADMISSION: FREE

TRYING ON ARMOR At a special stand, you will be able to try on a real armor, and Kerin, a knight, will talk about weaponry and historical curiosities. ADMISSION: FREE

MEDIEVAL MANUFACTURE Hand-making clay dishes under the supervision of a medieval master. ADMISSION: FREE

ALL THAT GLITTERS... The minter will strike out the pennies of Casimir the Great, which you will be able to take as a souvenir! ADMISSION: FREE

MEDIEVAL FASHION In a specially prepared space, the tailor will help sew a part of the medieval wardrobe. ADMISSION: FREE

REAPING PAPER AND CALLIGRAPHY At the station with a handmade paper and calligraphy, there will be a ladle of cellulose pulp, from which you can make your own paper and write a letter on it. ADMISSION: FREE

MEDIEVAL ''MASSAGERS'' A special station will include medieval "massagers," or tools of torture. Warning! A stand only for the brave! ADMISSION: FREE


INTERACTIVE EXHIBITIONS "Around the World", "With Energy!", "Puzzle", "Time Machine - Games with History" In the Hewelianum, 7 continents fit on two floors of the former Shelter Barracks. ADMISSION: 1 PLN

MULTIMEDIA EXHIBITIONS "Time Machine – a Man and a Bullet", "Hewelianum without barriers" An exhibition about the history of Gradowa Mountain. The exhibition consists of a total of 14 exhibitions that form a thematic sightseeing path. ADMISSION: FREE

THE MAGIC OF THE LIE, WHETHER THE LIE DETECTOR REALLY WORKS? HOW TO FOOL IT? - from 19:30 to 00:30, FREE ADMISSION You will be able to undergo a polygraph examination! Limited number of seats for each lecture: 30 people.

  • Laznia Centre of Contemporary Art

18:00-19:00 ART LESSONS - art workshops and guided tours of the exhibition by Masaki Fujihata "Augmented reality" for children 19.00-20.00 ART LESSONS - art workshops and a tour of the exhibition of Masaki Fujihata "Augmented reality" for children and parents

19.00-00.00 BOARDING GAMES Rebel for children and adults (educational room) - Dobble, Think it up! or Timeline, as well as those that will take us to the circle of Japanese traditions: Takenoko, Shushi go or Seven Samurai.

19.00-00.00 EXHIBITION ART AND SCIENCE MEETING Masaki Fujihata "Augmented reality" | Curator: Ryszard W. Kluszczyński

19.30-22.30 Guided tours around the exhibition (every hour). At 20:30, the main curator tour will take place.

  • Laznia Centre of Contemporary Art 2

14.00-16.00 pTAK Garden, or family gardening workshops | 15.00-23.00 Non Camera Workshop - Workshops for making animated films without the use of a camera, directly on the film. Age of participants: from 5 years.

15.00-00.15 (KinoPort) Screening of the movie "The Story of Film - Film Odyssey"

Age of participants: from 12 years.

18.00-23.00 Julia Kurek's exhibition "Santa Muerte''

18.00-18.30, 19.00-19.30 Guided tour of the Julia Kurek's "Santa Muerte" exhibition.

Age of participants: from 18 years.

20.30-21.00 Polish Diwa concert. The premiere of the first Polish disco polo EP.

24.00-06.00 In Progress: KakofoNIKT plays Dream Machine

  • The European Solidarity Centre



19.30, 21.30 STOCZNIA MOVIE 2, a review of documentary films about the shipyard, the oldest of the 1960s.

19.00–22.00 DYSZKA BEZ ZADYSZKI, family game (app necessary for reading the QR codes)

19.00-22.00 SPATIAL CREATIONS, family workshops

19.00-23.00 TEN ISLANDS | The Library (guided tour: at 21:00)

19.00-22.30 "LESZEK SOBOCKI_SIMPLE SIGNS", an exhibition of paintings and graphics (guided tours: at 20:00 and 22:00)

Printing of leaflets with the traditional method of screen printing (Permanent exhibition)

BOARD GAMES with a competition with prizes

CINEMA ON REQUEST in the media library

Bookstore BOOKS FROM UNDER THE COUNTER - books for PLN 1 each


  • Gdańsk City Gallery
  • Günter Grass Gallery in Gdańsk
  • Living Library

The books in the Living Library are people and instead of reading there is a conversation.

  • Gdańsk City Gallery 2
  • City Culture Institute

16.00, 18.00 GDAŃSK MINIATURES "GDAŃSK LEGENDS" - special edition for families and informal groups as part of the Night of Museums.

20.00 ACTIVISTS OF THE FREE CITY, walking along the routes of women in the Old and Main Town as part of the Metropolitan project as part of the Night of Museums.

22.00 PRECURSORS, walks along the routes of women in the Old and Main Town as part of the Metropolitan project, as part of the Night of Museums.

  • Archaeological Museum

Ukraine - at the crossroads of cultures

(Selfie in the old style, tattoo art, become a warrior, fashionable bags, gourmet's corner)

  • Romanesque Cellar
  • Museum of the Second World War
  • The Historical Museum of the City of Gdańsk

Wisłoujście Fortress

(field kitchen, firing of fortress cannons)

The Museum of the Polish Postal Service

(night with Bruno Zwara)

Watchhouse 1

(outdoor cinema, field kitchen, Second World War weapons)

The Amber Museum

The Museum of Gdańsk Science

Uphagen House

Main Town Hall

  • Museum - Health and Safety at Work Hall in the shipyards

  • The Baltic Sea Cultural Centre

Old Town Hall

Interactive game "City Hall of Mysteries''

Church/centre of St. John

  • National Maritime Museum

Granaries on Ołowianka Island

Demonstrations of old crafts (surgeon, tailor, embroidery maker, cook, knife maker)

Ship- museum "Sołdek''

  • The Fryderyk Chopin Polish Baltic Philharmonic in Gdańsk
  • Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology

Japanese Night - On the Night of Museums at the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology we will set off on a trip to Japan. The program will include lectures, presentations and workshops referring to Japanese culture, history and customs.

  • International Maritime Club "Zejman"

Drawing and Painting Workshop

    GAK "Treasure Island''

BLIK Gallery


''IKONS" Writing workshop

  • Old Toys Gallery
  • The Culture Garrison
  • Institute of Cybernetics of Art
  • Artists colony
  • High School of Fine Arts in Gdańsk

Further information can be found at: www.nocmuzeow.ikm.gda.pl