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We are very sorry to inform, that considering the world-wide crisis caused by the spread of COVID-19 virus, as organizers of New Trends in Tourism, we made a decision to cancel the event on its original date of 3rd of April.


We are already planning the next edition of NTT, which will take place on 9th of April 2021. It will be followed by tourism fair – Free Time Festival (on 10th-11th of April 2021) which, just as NTT, fell victim to the virus crisis.

“The decision to cancel NTT was made with a heavy heart. But with full responsibility I want to emphasise, that the safety of participants has always been of top priority to us” – comments the CEO of Gdansk Tourism Organization Łukasz Wysocki. 

It is worth mentioning that such a situation takes no precedence in 11-years history of the event. Simultaneously, we declare full cooperation with all parties responsible for public safety and  support of their actions in order to minimize negative impact of the virus and stop its proliferation.

We also started working with International Gdansk Fairs to build a meeting for tourism branch this Autumn. We would address most important issues, including crisis management. 

We will keep you updated. We count for you understanding of this situation.


Team of Gdansk Tourism Organization

Organizers of New Trends in Tourism