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New Year's Eve in Gdansk!

While there is still time before New Year's Eve, we can already, or perhaps even should, start making plans for how we spend this most special evening of the year. Gdansk offers a very broad range of outdoor entertainment for everyone, including a traditional competition.

OS z tłem bez daty


This year the concerts will be held in 6 locations, with each zone dedicated to a different theme. However, you can still see the events happening at the other zones through streaming. Special New Year's buses will be available to take you to each zone.

What and where?

  • Long Gardens (main concert) – Zakopower
  • Coal Market – New Year's Eve for Children – Roksana Wegiel
  • Orunski Park (Amphitheatre) – Vox
  • Chelm (Wilanowski Ravine) – Happysad
  • Brzezno (Pier) – Kalwi & Remi
  • Oliwa (Olivia Hall parking lot) – Nocny Kochanek



Why not participate in the annual competition between December 31 and January 2? Especially since it's child's play, helps keep the city tidy, and offers you the chance to win great prizes. Just write your first and last name and your phone number on a card, and then put the card into a bottle on New Year's Eve. Then, the same night, drop the bottle into a labelled container located in one of the urban entertainment areas. You could win an electric scooter, a soundbar, wireless headphones and more.

Have a great time, and good luck with the competition!