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New Year's Eve party

Once Christmas is over, it is time to get ready for a great New Year party. This year there are going to be 4 New Year’s concerts in Gdansk.



We can spend this magical night attending concerts in those places:

✴ Family Old Town – Targ Węglowy (Coal Market) – Brathanki band
✴ sentimental Orunia - Par Oruński Prk (amfitheater) - Czerwone Gitary band
✴ fun Chełm - Jar Wilanowski - Łąki Łan band
✴ “electrifying” Brzeźno - pier - DJ C-Bool.

Gdansk New Year’s night will start at 10 P.M. and will last till after midnight. There will be a special bus connecting all 4 places available on that night. The biggest party is expected to take place at Coal Market, with a huge screen broadcasting other 3 concerts.