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News from Visitgdansk

We are happy to announce that the range of souvenirs offered by the Gdansk Tourist Organisation has recently been expanded with new, practical gadgets.

Gdansk gadgets
Gdansk gadgets
Gdansk Tourism Organization

The first new offering is the elegant and very practical filtration bottle. This small, useful item is perfect for travelling, especially during heat waves. After all, you cannot expect tap water everywhere to be as good as it is in our city! In addition, the bottles are produced by Bobble, a well-known and reputable manufacturer.

Another new offering are the new umbrellas (very useful considering that autumn is just around the corner) and Gdansk t-shirts. Of course, that is not all. You can also buy a “kidney” for yourself, and we do not mean the organ here! Our “kidneys” are practical strap bags with 2 pockets – external (large) and internal (hidden). You can use them to store your valuables, such as your documents, money or keys, to always have them on hand and protect them from theft.

High-quality towels and phone cases for fitness enthusiasts are also available. You can also purchase luggage identifiers, which are always useful when travelling, as well as this summer’s hit product – bags sewn from banners. You can learn more about the latter HERE.

Shop away!