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Night at the Museum

May is the month of the year, that is long awaited by those who love museum, night attractions. The next edition of Night of the Museums takes place, and as the name suggests, venues are opened also at night. This time it will happen on the night of 18th/19th of May, and whole lot of fun has been prepared for the guests.

noc muzeów 2019


Because of great popularity of this event, one must not forget, that some venues and attractions require an earlier registration. Also, there is no entry fee collected from the guests or it’s only symbolic (like 1 PLN for example).

The form of the event remains unchanged. Participants visit different cultural venues at night, that often prepare special attractions and allow people to places normally inaccessible.

History of the event

First Night of the Museum took place in Berlin in year 1997. It turned out to be a great success and so the idea spread. First Night of the Museums in Poland took place in 2003 in National Museum in Poznan and was soon repeated in Cracow and Warsaw. Then other cities joined and now it’s being organized in dozens of venues all over Poland.

You can find the list of partaking venues HERE (in Polish only)