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On a tram through Gdansk

On June 24 see unique trams take to the streets of Gdansk, unique in that they are historical type N machines, Ring and Bergman, with the Highland Gate to New Port Lighthouse route accompanied by a PTTK guide. The vintage trams run on all weekends from June 24 to August 27, as well as on August 15.


Tram Tour 2017
Tram Tour 2017
Fot. Gdańskie Aurobusy i Tramwaje

It’s a real treat for everyone who loves Gdansk and vintage transport. Marvel at the beauty of the city through the windows of these beautiful old trams, and learn many interesting and lesser-known things about Gdansk, courtesy of the PTTK guide. The trip lasts about 2 hours, and once in New Port you also have the opportunity to climb the lighthouse (for a fee).

The trams leave at 11.15 and 13.15 from Highland Gate, and at 12.25 and 14.25 from New Port.

Tickets can only be bought from the driver, and cost: PLN 6 standard, PLN 4 reduced fare and PLN 15 family fare (max. 5 people, including 2 adults). The tickets entitle you to travel the entire route, and the trams can carry up to 40 passengers.

See you on board!