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Park and Ride. Leave your car, go to Brzeźno Beach or St. Dominic's Fair and save your money!

The summer season means crowded more than usual streets of Gdańsk, longer traffic jams and problems with finding a parking space. Don't worry, it doesn't have to spoil your vacation. MTG Gdansk International Fair and Gdańsk Tourism Organization with Partners propose a solution: park&ride. Leave your car in the parkings near Polsat Plus Arena Gdańsk and go by a special bus line to the beach in Brzeźno and St. Dominic's Fair.




Two bus lines

This year, residents and tourists staying in Gdańsk will be able to travel by not one but two bus lines. "Plażowa" line, which allows you to travel by bus from the Polsat Plus Arena Gdańsk bus stop to the Brzeźno Plaża bus stop and back. The line will run from July 1 to August 31. Services on this route will run every 30 minutes from 9:15am to 8:15pm, seven days a week.

Just like last year, during the St. Dominic's Fair, everyone interested in going there or just to the city centre, can travel by "Jarmarkowa" bus line. It runs on the route on July 22 and will be available until August 13. The course includes: Polsat Plus Arena Gdańsk - Brama Żuławska - Polsat Plus Arena Gdańsk. Buses on this route depart every 30 minutes, seven days a week.

How does it work?

Park&Ride's rules are simple:

  1. Park your car in one of the parking lots of Polsat Plus Arena Gdańsk;
  2. Get a parking ticket for which you pay 30 PLN daily fee;
  3. Tear off the coupon from the printed ticket, it will allow you and the passengers of your car travel by bus lines without any extra payment. Put the rest of the ticket in a visible place in your car;
  4. Pay once for the parking space and travel all day in Gdansk using "Jarmarkowa" and "Plażowa" bus lines. 

Save your money!

You can park you car at parking lots near Polsat Plus Arena Gdańsk seven days a week from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM. It doesn't matter for how long you leave your car - fee doesn't change. What can you do with so much time? We suggest going to the sunny, relaxing beaches of Brzeźno and if you get hungry - having dinner at St. Dominic's Fair. While your there, check out attractions and different handmade items. After such an active day, the bus from "Brama Żuławska" bus stop will drive you to parking space, where you leave your car. 

If you park in Gdansk's Paid Parking Zone near the beach for, let's say, four hours, you have to pay 17.9 PLN. If you want to go to the city centre after beach time and park there the cost of parking is 25.5 PLN. It means that in total you have to spent 43 PLN! By using Park&Ride you save nearly 1/3 of this price! The only thing you have to think about are bus course hours. 

Away from the crowd, good for the environment

MTG Gdansk International Fair, Gdansk Tourism Organization and Partners created this projects to support sustainable actions of Gdansk. By parking your car near Polsat Plus Arena Gdansk you not only save time and money but it contributes to spread away crowds in the city centre and near Gdansk's beaches. It also reduces carbon foot print and lower temperature on the streets (less cars = less fired up engines).

Park&Ride is a perfect solution for your nicer and cheaper stay in Gdansk!