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Quickly and comfortably through the Gdansk airport!

Want to skip the check-in and security queues before boarding your flight at the Gdansk airport? Want to relax before flying? Choose our Fast Track and Executive Lounge services, available at the Tourist and Airport Information Desk at the Lech Walesa Airport in Gdansk.

Jerzy Pinkas /

Quickly and comfortably

Want to save some precious time? Or do you just frequently arrive at the terminal at the very last moment, afraid that you will miss your flight because of the queues? Use our Fast Track service! In addition to a red carpet, this solution offers a number of advantages. Security checks take place at a separate location, without queues, and take only a few minutes! The service costs PLN 50 (tax incl.). Remember, holders of a Tourist Card receive a PLN 5 discount!

Enjoy an elegant room while waiting for your plane

After quickly going through your security check, you can now enter the Executive Lounge and wait for your flight. Inside, you are met with a modern design, air conditioning, comfortable leather chairs, courteous and professional service, a well-stocked bar, as well as a selection of both Polish and international newspapers. All this helps you relax, enables you to quench your thirst and grab something good to eat while watching TV or using the free WiFi. The Lounge is open between 5:00 AM and 9:00 PM and access to it costs PLN 100 (tax incl.). Holders of a Tourist Card can also expect a 10% discount.
It is worth adding that both of these services are planned to be added to the Gdansk Resident Card programme.

How to use the service

Those interested in the Fast Track and Executive Lounge services can purchase them at the Tourist and Airport Information Desk, which is located in the general access hall near the arrivals hall exit. The desk is open 24/7 and can be reached by phone at +58 348 13 68 or via email at