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Restaurants’ Night: It’s going to be tasty!

The 7th Edition of Restaurants’ Night is around the corner. The event is about to start on 6th July and last for 3 days (or, to be more accurate, nights, as it should start at 6 P.M.). The event is nationwide, with the best restaurants in Gdansk included.


The main goal is to set a trend for the highest-quality-food consumption and to encourage participants to discover new flavours. This year the event will be accompanied by two big occasions: the Gdansk – Baltic Sail and the 5th Worldwide Convention of the Citizens of Gdansk. Restaurants are going to offer the Gdansk-style old-fashioned menu as well as several specialities of famous Gdansk citizens, thanks to which participants will have a chance to taste some of the Gdansk delicacies and try food which have made the eminent residents fall in love with their city. Gdansk restaurants participating in the event: Restauracja Amber Side, Browar PG4, Eliksir, Magiel, Mercato, Motlava, Niepokorni, Otwarta, Szafarnia 10, Winne Grono, Zafishowani and Zabusia.

See the full list of restaurants HERE

Each restaurant has prepared a tasting menu consisting of 3 up to 5 courses, each making a rich mix of flavours and fragrances. The compositions’ prices shall range from 69 to 149zl per set.

Don’t miss out!