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Summer in Gdansk - new bargains

Summer has begun. The favourite season for many, invariably associated with relaxation, the sun, the beach, the forest and the heat. And while sweltering weather is not uncommon at this time of the year, VisitGdansk has decided to turn the heat up even more! We have come up with a hot summer offer, so that you can enjoy the season to its fullest. From 5 to 31 July, selected products are available from our shop at a sizeable 20% discount.



July is a beautiful month, and now thanks to our special offer your summer season gets even better, with a range of things that are great to take with you on holiday. So what products are we offering?

  1. Gdansk Notebook – great for writing about your fun holiday experiences. Photos aren’t everything, you know?
  2. Gdansk tea – just in case you get cold in the evening.
  3. Socks – combined with a comfortable pair of shoes, and no trail will pose a challenge.
  4. No-show socks – same as above, but quicker to put on and take off.
  5. Ecological bag – for your food and beverages.
  6. Bag strap – indispensable for longer journeys far from home.
  7. Glass bottle – an ecological choice to ensure you always have something to drink.
  8. Cork cosmetic bag – after all, for every trip we need a toothbrush and other hygiene items.
  9. Thermal mug – keeps your drink warm for a long time, just in case it starts to rain or you’re hiking in the mountains.
  10. Thermal basket – what better to keep the temperature low, so your sandwiches and beverages stay fresh and pleasantly cool.
  11. Lava bike bottle – perfect for a bicycle trip.
  12. Wooden magnet – a classic souvenir. Not only stylish, but ecological as well.
  13. Milk chocolate – always a good idea to have something sweet on hand. Perfect in combination with the thermal basket, especially on a warm day (unless hot chocolate isnmore your thing).
  14. Towel – a must-have for the lake or beach!
  15. Tube scarf – admittedly not really a summer thing, but it is always a good idea to have one for the autumn, and it can protect your neck from mosquitoes on a cold summer’s evening.
  16. Lubiana mug – very colourful, very Summer-like. It’s just waiting for your favourite drink.
  17. Tofee and Strawberry chocolate - those will make your Summer even sweeter.


Our unique gifts are sure to make this summer truly special. See for yourself.