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Summer, the best time to go to the beach!

The longest day of the year is Friday, 21 June. The date also marks the beginning of the summer holidays. And since it’s the summer holidays, a visit to the Gdansk beach is in order. The Gdansk Sport Centre offers a range of beach activities.


The bathing season starts on 19 June and lasts through 31 August, and the Gdansk Sport Centre has prepared a total of 8 bathing spots. These will be open every day between 9:30 AM and 5:30 PM. A team of 70 professionals is watching over the visitors and ensuring their safety.

Remember to listen to their instructions at all times! The lifeguards, in addition to their skills, have modern equipment at their disposal, such as motorboats, water scooters and defibrillators, but they are in no way a replacement for common sense and personal responsibility! 

It should also be added that the Gdansk Lifeguard Centre, open 24 hours a day, is located in Brzezno. Its personnel are always ready to take action, even out of season.

Bathing is not the only activity you can enjoy at the beach, however. The GSC has also prepared 26 playing fields for various sports. The ones near the Brzezno pier are also open after dark (they have their own lighting). 

Jelitkowo offers a beach gym and a playground (entrance no. 63), and children can also expect additional attractions in Brzezno (entrance no. 51). The Summer Stadium once again returns next to the pier, enabling you to watch all kinds of beach sports at the highest national level. The beach library has become a local classic by now at the Gdansk bathing spots. All of these attractions can be enjoyed free of charge.

Also worth checking out are the many single and multi-day events organised by the GSC. In June, July and August, we make good use of the sunlight and high temperatures. Events scheduled for the period include: the Gdansk Triathlon, Nordic Walking Competition, Zumba Fitness beach marathon, “Aktywuj sie” festival, Sailfish Open Water Gdansk competition, and various yacht races and rallies. More information regarding individual events can be found in the Event Calendar.

IMPORTANT! Amphibious wheelchairs are available free of charge for the entire summer season at the Gdansk Stogi and Gdansk Brzezno Pier bathing spots. These wheelchairs offer great mobility on sand and easy access to the water for the disabled. They are light and comfortable, enabling users to easily bathe in shallow waters. Specially-trained lifeguards ensure the security of wheelchair users. If you would like to use one, simply ask a lifeguard.

In addition, fourteen beach entrances are equipped with wooden or composite walkways for the disabled and visitors with baby strollers so that they can reach the water easier. Bicycle users are also invited to use them as every walkway features stands to leave your bicycle at. The walkway-equipped entrances are marked with special picture signs.

Walkway locations: beach entrances no.: 11, 16, 26, 41, 50, 51, and 52 (to the left, and to the right of the pier), 53, 63, 65, 72, and 73. In addition, entrance no. 63 features a walkway specially equipped for launching small watercraft.

Remember that you can also rent swimming equipment. The rentals are open from 23.06 to 31.08, between 10:00 AM and 6:00 PM:

Jelitkowo Bathing Spot – 607 395 517, beach entrance no. 73

Klipper Jelitkowo – 607 395 561, beach entrance no. 65

Brzezno Pier Bathing Spot – 601 689 970, building next to pier entrance

Brzezno Dom Zdrojowy Bathing Spot – 607 395 857, beach entrance no. 41

Stogi Bathing Spot – 601 818 695, beach entrance no. 26

Sobieszewo Bathing Spot – 607 395 968, beach entrance no. 16

Orle Bathing Spot – 607 395 562, beach entrance no. 11

Swibno – 693 803 450, beach entrance no. 7