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The 5th edition of Hevelka

The 5th edition of Hevelka is just around the corner! This well-known and popular craft beer festival takes place on 14-15 June in the industrial Gdansk Shipyard Centre.

 Hevelka 2018
Hevelka 2018


It is the biggest brewing event in the north of Poland. The name Hevelka refers to Jan Heweliusz, a famous astronomer from Gdansk who was also, which many people do not know, a brewer.

Over the two days, you can learn more about the secrets of brewing, discover new flavours, take part in lectures and, most importantly, experience the incredible festival atmosphere.

This year the festival features over 30 vendors, more than 200 types of beer, a dozen or so food trucks with varied menus, and live music. On the Friday, 14 June, you can enjoy performances by: MaJLo, Iza & Latynoscy Brothers and Lastryko.

The vendors will be offering beer tastings of 0.1 litres, or bigger - even 0.3 and 0.5 litres. Last year, the separate Premiere Zone proved very popular among festivalgoers. This year the zone offers beers that were brewed and prepared specially for the festival. For more information about these beers, see the event’s website.

An important eco-friendly aspect of the Hevelka festival are the glasses, which are fully compostable and made of renewable natural raw materials - not plastic - while still being light, durable and fully biodegradable, made from natural raw materials like cornmeal.

Another interesting fact is that you can take the opportunity to taste Irish whiskey in the Tullamore Dew zone. This whiskey is triple distilled in copper alembic stills, making it even more delicate and pleasant.

See the Hevelka shop for lots of special, interesting souvenirs, including bags, backpacks, socks, t-shirts and much more. As always, there will be a wide range of festival glasses available, in all sizes, including the specially designed glass for this year’s edition.

You can enter the site through the gate located on Lisia Grobla Street. The tickets (PLN 12-25) can be purchased on-site at the box office or online - they are available at www.hevelka.pl and www.eventim.pl

We guarantee an unforgettable experience. See you there!

Learn more at www.hevelka.pl and the event’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/hevelkafest/