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The Gdansk Carousel

The real hit of the summer! Starting on 28th July 2018, the Gdansk Carousel is in motion on Targ Rybny. Of Italian design, it was inspired by the Venetian Carousel, and is adorned with pictures of the sights around Gdansk. A ride will cost you only PLN 10. The city’s newest attraction is open until the end of the summer holidays.

Gdansk carousel
Gdansk carousel
Karolina Misztal - Świderska

With two decks, a height of 11.5 m and a diameter of 12 m, the carousel can give a spin to up to 78 passengers at a time.

Situated on Targ Rybny, the Gdansk Carousel makes a chic, vintage-style attraction for both adults and children. The Carousel itself was specially commissioned to a renowned Italian workshop, to resemble the Venetian Carousel. Following the traditional design, it is charmingly decorated with hand-painted figures of horses, chariots, cups and benches. All of the figures are movable; galloping, swaying and turning about in time with stylish music. The chariots are fully wheelchair-accessible.

The crown is ornamented with hand sculptures and paintings, depicting the most significant pieces of architecture and landscape around Gdansk, such as St. Mary’s Basilica, Dluga St. with the Main City Hall, the Crane, and the sea shore. They follow a design by Przemyslaw Garczynski, from the paintings dept. of the Gdansk Fine Arts Academy. Other carousels, similarly adorned with city landscapes, can be found in many of the most renowned and prestigious places around the world, such as by the Eiffel Tower in Paris or at Piazza della Republica in Florence.

The Gdansk Carousel makes a new must-see for all tourists, regardless of age. The surroundings include an elegant relaxation zone, with comfortable seats and custom-designed greenery.

Opening hours:

Sun - Thu: 10 AM till 11 PM

Fri & Sat: 10 AM till Midnight

Ticket price: PLN 10

Location: Targ Rybny