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The heart of Gdansk is set in its original place

A stone tile that points to the exact centre of historical Gdansk appeared or rather reappeared, on St. Spirit’s street. Made of pink granite, the tile bears carvings of Gdansk’s panorama and is signed “Stone Heart of Gdansk 1888 – 2018”.

The heart of Gdansk
The heart of Gdansk
Dominik Paszliński / gdansk.pl

A ceremony of unveiling was performed on Saturday, 15th of September by the initiator of the event – prof. Andrzej Januszajtis and Deputy Mayor of Gdansk, Aleksandra Dulkiewicz. It was  done during St. Spirit’s street Day.

Prof. Januszajtis said that he still remembers the original tile, which unfortunately was destroyed in the 60-ties, when tarmac was laid on the street.

It’s worth mentioning that “Stone Heart” is a design of Tomasz Jażdżewski, who won a competition and the main prize (3.000 PLN). Altogether 11 authors with 17 design participated in the aforementioned contest. The heart, according to victorious design, is a rapakiwi granite in the shape of a cylinder: 700 mm in dimeter and 160 mm in height.

The ceremony was possible thanks to help from Gdansk Foundation, Prestige Zone magazine and the City of Gdansk.