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The whole Gdansk is celebrating!

The weekend of May 25-27 will be full of attractions. All thanks to the celebrations of the City Holiday, which will be held in Gdansk for the 14th time. Everyone, regardless of their age, will find something for themselves!


As every year, we will celebrate in the Main Town. The Coal Market and the Royal Route will turn into a place of parades, competitions, music performances, workshops, meetings and even fashion shows. On this exceptional weekend, we will certainly come across several colorful reconstruction groups.

The first day of the holiday will be ruled by the Kashubians. Tent halls will be full of workshops and embroidery shows. Kashubian music bands will be more than glad to tell us about themselves and the traditions of the region. We will also get to know the Gdansk legends of Christian Sampo and try our hand at culinary workshops. In the evening, we must definitely go towards the Little Stage. There will be performances of music bands taking place there, starting at 17:00 - with a Kashubian note, of course. The following will perform: Weronika Korthals with her band, Czarodzieje z Kaszub, Imost Jazz Group and Focus. The star of the evening will be Natalia Szroeder, who is considered to be one of the most talented and popular vocalists of the young generation.

On Saturday, the festival is taken over by the athletes. We start at 10.00 a.m. with the XIIIth edition of Gdansk Family Race, naturally along the streets of the Main and Old Towns. In this race everyone wins and receives a medal! We encourage you to participate - it's free! Registration and race rules can be found on the website www.gokf.gda.pl

Please note - you can register only until May 17th!

At 11.00, we will try to create the largest, living flag of Gdansk together. In the afternoon, participants of the Great Olympiad of Knowledge about Gdansk will demonstrate their knowledge on the subjects concerning Gdansk at the Academy of Fine Arts. This year, the open, civic edition of the competition will celebrate its 10th anniversary.

Any Saturday evening would not have been complete without music. On the stage, among others, Zuzia Jabłońska (a participant of The Voice Kids). The final concert will take place at 21:00 - the popular and well-liked band LemON will be heard on the stage, and for dessert - a great fireworks and lasers show (around 22:15). The last day of the holiday is the traditional Great Historical Parade "Wiwat Gdansk. Wiwat Rzeczpospolita," which will start from the Royal Route at 11:00. This is to commemorate the year 1457 and numerous privileges granted to Gdansk by the Polish King Casimir Jagiellon.

Let's not forget that knights will camp at Kobzdej Square. It is worth visiting them and getting to know the knights' customs as well as taking part in craftsmen's workshops. Attention - no electricity or modern tools, everything is done manually, just like 700 years ago!

For those tired of many attractions, there will be a chillout zone. You can enjoy your "Breakfast on the Grass" at the Coal Market.

It's going to be crazy!