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The zoo has new residents, see for yourself!

A place popular not only among children, the Gdansk Zoo now has new inhabitants: a giraffe, a zebra and 3 wallabies (macropods).

G. Mehring / gdansk.pl

Transfer from the south

Let us begin with the largest new acquisition – a giraffe, a male Rothschild's giraffe, to be precise. Reportedly a true gentleman, or gentlegiraffe, Gem is said to be very calm, composed and willing to cooperate. He has come to us from Opole, and is currently acclimatising himself to his new conditions and will soon join the rest of the tower. Let us hope he retains his good manners.

The birth of a zebra

The next new animal is a tiny Chapman’s zebra which was born recently. We do not know yet if it’s a male or a female, but the mother is doing great at her job and is being overly protective of the little calf.

Our wallaby mob is growing

Red-necked wallabies are marsupials – endemic relatives of kangaroos naturally inhabiting eastern parts of Australia and Kawau island. The Neuwald Zoo in Germany has sent us 3 of these animals. They are sure to breathe fresh air into the gene pool, allowing the mob to grow further.

You will soon be able to see all of these animals in their enclosures.