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Tourist traffic in Gdansk – summer 2021

The Gdansk Tourism Organisation has drawn up a report summarizing this summer’s tourist traffic in Gdansk. Specifically, it covers 3 months – June, July and August. The conclusions are very optimistic - as it seems we had more people visiting than during the record year of 2019!

infografika_2021 ENa


As many as 1,105,662 people visited us this summer. To compare, we should add that the great tourist year of 2019 saw 1,098,430 people visiting, while in 2020, which was heavily affected by the pandemic, there were 960,000.

“We are very pleased with the return of tourists. It confirms that people want to discover our country, and Gdansk is a great example of that. We knew that this year would be more successful than the last, but this result is really excellent, and we are very proud of it,” says Lukasz Wysocki, President of the Gdansk Tourism Organisation.

Domestic visitors accounted for slightly more than 80% of the tourist traffic. Most of them visiting Gdansk came from our voivodeship as well as from Mazovia, Greater Poland and Silesia. Those visiting from other countries, in turn, were mainly German – 22% and Scandinavian – 14%. We are certainly happy to see an increase in numbers from France – 6%. Unfortunately, at the same time, those coming from the UK declined significantly – dropping to 5%.

The latter is related to the fact that, until recently, the popular choice of air travel was chosen by only 7.3% of visitors. Instead they more often travelled by car – at nearly 62%, and by train – more than 20%.

It is no secret that the aviation industry has been particularly affected by the coronavirus. The numerous slowdowns, restrictions and months of continuing instability have resulted in tourists making the more reliable choice of surface transport. In addition, Brexit has made travel more difficult, and hence a much smaller number of people visiting from the UK. Let us add that while Germans can arrive by car, bus or train, and Scandinavians by ferry, British people have practically no choice but to arrive by plane.

However, we are pleased with the consistently high evaluation of the visitors’ stay in Gdansk – 8.8 on a 10-point scale.

More details are available in the graphics, which can be downloaded below.

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