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Two new drinking fountains available at Gdansk airport

As many as three drinking fountains are now operational – spouting clean, Gdansk water which can be enjoyed for free. Two more fountains were installed at the airport as a result of a partnership between the Gdansk Airport and Gdansk Water and Sewage Infrastructure.

 Drinking fountains at Gdansk airport
Drinking fountains at Gdansk airport
Gdansk Lech Walesa Airport

“The first fountain, which began operation in September, is very popular with passengers. This is why we have decided to expand on the idea, and we would like to present you today with two new drinking fountains”, said Tomasz Kloskowski, President of the Gdansk Lech Walesa Airport.

The drinking water can be collected into cups, bottles and other containers. It is available for passengers about to take off or before their check-in or security check. The water is also available to visitors and those waiting for their flight. One of the new fountains is located in the common area of the T2 passenger terminal, near the arrivals section and the Tourist and Airport Information Desk. The other fountain is in the restricted area, near gate no. 22, Relay and the smoking room. The first fountain has been operational since September and can be found in the departures section, past the security check point and near the playground, McDonald’s and the Executive Lounge.

Including the two new ones at the airport, Gdansk features as many as 33 drinking fountains located in public spaces. They can be found at the Fish Market, in Svetopelk Park, Dominican Square and the seaside area. “33 fountains are operational at the end of 2019. No official data on drinking fountain water consumption are available for the current year,
but we are eager to have a look at them. We were able to avoid wasting 880,000 one-litre plastic bottles in 2018, which really fires your imagination. I expect that we are in for a pleasant surprise when it comes to this year’s results”, says Jacek Skarbek, President of Gdansk Water and Sewage Infrastructure. Official data on public drinking fountain water consumption will be available in January 2020.