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Visit Gdansk - by board!

It took us a lot of time and hard work, but we made it! A new project by the Gdansk Tourism Organisation has just seen the light of the day - the Visit Gdansk board game. That’s right - a board game! Packed in a lovely box, with original rules and beautiful elements, this fully professional board game encourages and helps players discover 1000-year-old Gdansk. You can win real amber! Shall we play?

The board game


What does it look like?

Based on the latest standards in the board game world, it comes in a beautiful and colourful box. All the elements of the game, such as the board, cards, dice and tiles, are of excellent quality. Please note - the tokens needed to win the game are made of real amber, and there are as many as 15 of them. The board is modular, so no two games need be the same. Thanks to that, you feel more encouraged to play the game multiple times.


Who is this game for?

The game has been designed for 2-4 players, for ages 8 to 128. Gameplay varies and lasts for about 1 hour. After a few games experienced players can complete the challenge in a shorter time.


How to win

Playing the game means selecting to be one of 4 characters. This could be either a student, a senior, a businessman or a whole family. The purpose of the game is to win 3 amber tokens. The player who collects them first wins. This may be achieved by visiting characteristic landmarks around Gdansk. They include parks, sights, restaurants and even a shipyard. However, the task is not as simple as it seems. Each character has its strengths and weaknesses. You have to manage your resources wisely to successfully discover new locations. Should you take a tram? Maybe a taxi – it is faster but also more expensive. Only by balancing cunning and good choices can guarantee your win. Oh yes – beware of the weather, it could help you win or stymie your game, even if victory already seems within your grasp.


It is great entertainment for a group of friends or family!

The game is not just about winning. Every single tile you place on the board has interesting facts about Gdansk on the reverse side. So by playing the game you also learn many fun things. Don’t worry, even if you fail to finish first. You will still expand your knowledge - we can easily say that everyone wins in this game! By playing it, you can discover Gdansk in an interesting and fun way, even when it is dark, cold and wet outside.


This board game was developed by a game designer, Slawomir Czuba, who has already created many games. It was produced by that well-known company, Trefl. These 2 factors guarantee the highest quality.

So why wait any longer. It’s time to gather around the table, assemble the board, choose your character and embark on your Gdansk adventure!

The game was released in Polish and English.

Here is the link to the game video guide.

The game has been available since 27th November at the online store.

The game is also available in Tourist Information Centres.

The regular price is PLN 79.99 but watch out for bargains!