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What’s new by VisitGdansk store?

New Year – new products. If you visit our on-line store or our Tourist Info points you’ll find new, interesting products. See for yourself.


Let’s start with Hewlion the lion. Till now you could visit him and listen to his histories. Now you can take him home with you! We are not talking about removing of the statues which is rather hard and obviously illegal. It’s much easier to just buy a plush mascot of “Hewelion the airman”. It's sure to bring smile on faces of kids and adults alike, as sure as the fact that everyone will want to hug him!


We also have something for sweets lovers. A new  series of chocolates emerged – “Gdansk’s Tenement Houses”. Just by looking at the box makes you realize where the name came from. The sweets were packed in boxed that look like miniatures of tenement houses from Ogarna street. It’s: Ogarna 6 (nuts in milk chocolate and sugar crust), Ogarna 76 (toffee in milk chocolate) and Ogarna 120 (a mix of chocolates – Jamaica rum, Malibu rum and vanilla). The tastes are as different, as the houses themselves.

We didn’t forget to bring something new to popular and much liked pralines from “Taste of Tradition” line. Milk chocolates tastes of brandy and coffee and toffee and room were added. Boxes also contain a stylish retro-postcard from Gdansk.


And that’s not all!  We also offer freshly roasted coffee and drinking chocolate. To make carrying of all those fantastic items easier we also prepared a special bag. Elegant and practical with handle and thermic foil inside. It’s so big actually, that it can also accommodate plush Hewelion easily.

And last but not least – calendars for year 2020. With practical stickers and note cards. All with beautiful pictures from Gdansk.

Visit our on-line shop and enjoy your shopping!