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Amber Museum

One of the most popular and best rated museums in Gdansk – the Amber Museum is changing its place. After 15 years of operating in Prison Tower it now moves to fully renovated Great Mill in the Old Town (Wielkie Młyny st. 7). Grand opening this Saturday, 24th of July.

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The display space is now 3  times bigger and numbers almost 1.000m2. That’s great news, because Gdansk holds one of the biggest amber collections in the world. Guests will admire over 1.000 items, amongst them lumps with inclusions dating back 40 million years and both historic and contemporary object made by the best jewellers. One will also learn a lot about the process of amber creation and the famous “Amber Chamber” that was made with a big contribution by Gdansk masters.

More at: https://muzeumgdansk.pl/?L=1