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AMBERIF Trade Fair

The AMBERIF Trade Fair is the largest jewellery trade fair in Poland, and the largest amber-themed fair in the world. Every year, hundreds of exhibitors (as many as 500) present their products to thousands of visitors over the course of several days.

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AMBERIF is always accompanied by contests and award ceremonies. The Amberif Selection contest for the most innovative design not only awards the best entries, but helps promote winners via effective and consistent trade fair and amber industry advertising campaigns organised in Poland and abroad throughout the year.

For the past 20 years, the Amber Personality of the Year contest has also had its finale at AMBERIF.
The fair features exhibitions, workshops, science seminars and panel discussions.

The majority of our guests come from Russia, Germany, Lithuania, Ukraine, China, the UK, Latvia, Sweden, Italy, Denmark, Finland, the US, France, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Estonia and Canada.

The trade fair is open to individuals and businesses involved in jewellery and amber production, trading and manufacturing jewellery and goldsmithing products, marketing and services related to jewellery production and the applied arts.

The fair traditionally takes place in the AmberExpo Gdansk International Trade Fair building at 11 Zaglowa Street.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, it is a good idea to check the event website regularly for the latest information, including the date of the upcoming edition: www.amberif.pl