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Chill and the City Apartments

Powroźnicza 10/12 lok.4 , Gdańsk
+48 537 595 755
We wanted to create a unique place for you to have not only somewhere to sleep and store your luggage but also have unforgettable moments guaranteed during the long-awaited holiday, a weekend excursion or a business trip. Everything we expect of an apartment of our dreams was included in the rooms offered to you so that you can feel special, have some time to chill out and be always happy to visit us.

The Mint Apartment is located in the Powroźnicza Street at the very heart of the Gdansk Old Town. It occupies the second floor of a stylish Gdansk house. Three rooms are at the disposal of our guests: two sleeping rooms and a living room combined with a kitchenette. Fifty five square metres of the apartment area makes it possible even to 4 guests to rest freely. The apartment is fully equipped and underwent an overhaul. Stylish mosaics add some exceptional mood to the kitchen and bathroom while symmetrical patterns and brilliant colours visible in other parts of the apartment add energy and originality to the interior. An excellent location makes it possible to visit “the heart of Gdansk” at any time of day or night.

We cordially invite you there!