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Chleb i Wino Restaurant

Chmielna 3, 80-748 Gdańsk
535 566 535
Chleb i wino is more than only apartments. It also features a restaurant in the same house at Stagiewna Street.
For families with kids
In the centre

Restaurant specially bakes bread daily according to its own recipe and traditional baking method. Also pastas are a specialty. Those are made by hand, on the spot. In 1889, in Naples, a recipe for an amazing cake was made for our Italian pizza which melts in mouth, her cake is thin and fragile. The sauce in our pizza has a taste of freshly cut Italian tomatoes San Marzano, flavored with aromatic herbs. The chef has made every effort to make the Chleb i Wino Wine List satisfy the most demanding fans of this wonderful liquor. Visit to this restaurant will be a beautiful culinary journey for all the guests.