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A record-breaking 5 years for Gdansk

With Gdansk's increasing importance as a tourist destination, the days when most comparisons were made within the domestic market are sinking into oblivion. Today it is necessary to look at the bigger picture, and recognize the relevance of Gdansk in comparison to other European cities.


As a result, we outline here the most important conclusions of THE EUROPEAN CITIES MARKETING BENCHMARKING REPORT, 13th EDITION 2016-2017, which summarizes the years 2012-2016 in terms of the rates of tourist traffic in European cities. We hope that you will find it a valuable source of information.

Gdansk was included in the category of cities that generate up to 1.5 million bednights per year in paid accommodation. We are in the top five cities in terms of the most rapid growth rate in the number of bednights, which according to the ECM report was 11.8%* for the years 2012-2016, which is way above the average of 5.9% for this group of cities. The only other Polish city included in the report was Poznan, which experienced a 3.1% growth for this period.

Number of bednights in Gdansk is growing
Number of bednights in Gdansk is growing
Fot. Gdansk Convention Bureau

Gdansk achieved even better results for total bednight growth, listed third with a growth of over 115 thousand bednights over the last 5 years. With an average of 30 thousand for this category of cities, it is clear that Gdansk has the potential to join the first league of European tourist centres. Gdansk's growth continues to gain momentum, year on year, which is proven by the fact that Gdansk ranked second, with a notable growth rate of 16.3%, in the ranking which considered only the growth seen in the previous year. Domestic tourist traffic is still of greater importance to the general growth, so in the ranking based on growth of international tourist traffic, Gdansk ranked ninth with a 12.8% growth rate, a result which is still above the average of 7.2%. The total result was even better, with 62 670 bednights between 2012 and 2016 compared to the average for all cities of 25 766, earning us sixth place in the ranking.

Gdansk’s international tourist traffic has also seen more rapid growth in the last year, which translates into seventh place with a 13.1% increase over the 2015 results. The data shows that we are primarily competing in different rankings with Belgrade (Serbia), Malaga (Spain) and Ljubljana (Slovenia).

"Certainly, it is the decreasing seasonality of tourism density in Gdansk that is of cardinal importance to the marked growth. This means that our city is no longer seen just as a place to visit in the summer period, but in all four seasons. This is due to the constantly growing number of activities and attractions that are not weather-dependent,” says Lukasz Wysocki, president of the Gdansk Tourism Organization, commenting on the results.


* All numbers stated in the report refer only to tourists using registered accommodation establishments, therefore it does not include people staying either with their friends and relatives or in establishments not required to report back to GUS (Central Statistical Office).