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#CityWillWait initiative started by Visit Gdansk, combines 13 metropolitan tourism organisations of Poland, which together are taking active steps to fight the negative effects of the current coronavirus pandemic. The activities under #CityWillWait focus on advertising the cities online.

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The local tourism organization in Gdansk initiated the #CityWillWait campaign. Soon 12 more, big cities joined, including Warsaw, Poznan and Lodz.

In times of the pandemic,  when it is essential to stay at home and flatten the curve, the #CityWillWait drive is a promise and a reminder that these Polish cities will be ready and waiting for visitors once it is safe to travel again. The goal of the campaign aims at maintaining an interest in travel and drawing attention to the tourist attractions these cities have to offer. The campaign is carried out on official travel portals and social media.

Tourism Organizations highlight travel and visitor-oriented offers of local museums, cultural centers, entertainment venues, parks and recreation, and lodging. Many of the suggested attractions are presented in the form of virtual tours, online images, panoramic maps, and promotional movies.

The campaign was launched mid-March. It is a kind of promise to tourists that these cities will be ready for them after the pandemic ends. What’s very important – the cities have reached an effect of working together towards a common goal. Of cooperating as partners and effective experience exchange. Best example – mutual promotion and 1 adjustable graphic layout for all.

Thanks to the media, the information campaign reached 1.4 million people.

The campaign has also been recognised abroad. It was featured in a catalogue of best practices: “An ECM Guide to Sustainable Recovery”, published by European Cities Marketing – a European network of over a hundred cities.