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Every dog has its day! International Zoological Exhibition in Gdańsk

On April 22 the International Zoological Exhibition will be held at AmberExpo (ul.Żaglowa 11). It is the biggest event in northern Poland, with anticipated attendance of over 1000 European dog breeders.


The exhibition has been combined with a dog show presided over by an international jury. While dogs, without a doubt, remain in spotlight, there have also been prepared various other zones of interest: the terrarium zone, the aquarium zone and the ornithological zone, plus, the national pedigree cats show. Moreover, the attendees can attend the lecture on Kynotherapy, visit animal shelter stalls and Straż dla Zwierząt (the animal guard), and find themselves entertained with contests, presentations and other activities.

See more at: http://targizoologiczne.pl/