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Gdansk – a city of business

The market for conferences, workshops and meetings is growing rapidly across the globe. However, the expectations of attendees are also increasing. They want to be able to enjoy their time between and after their meetings, and they want conferences to take place in unique and memorable places. Fortunately, unique venues are abundant in Gdansk.


It would be impossible to list all of the unique conference venues in the region. Many of these venues do not even seem like they would work as a conference hall, at first glance. In reality, however, this is their asset – the uniqueness of the venue adds value to any meeting. We have chosen 5 buildings in Gdansk which, due to their locations, abundance of parking spots and close distance from hotels, are perfect as meeting venues.

Surrounded by amber – Stadion Energa Gdansk

 Stadion Energa Gdansk is a multi-purpose, modern sports building which also serves as a centre for business, entertainment and recreation. Designed with large events (up to 45,000 attendees) in mind, it houses football games, concerts, as well as other sports, business and cultural events. It is situated just 4 km from the centre of Gdansk and offers a virtually unlimited number of parking spots for both cars and coaches.

The natural beauty of amber and the centuries-old maritime traditions of Gdansk served as inspiration for the stadium. The modular, orange roofing perfectly mimics the colour of amber and the steel roof girders are reminiscent of ship frames.

The most important part is that the stadium features well-developed service infrastructure, including a conference and business centre, as well as the T29 Sports Bar & Restaurant. If you want to organise a meeting, you can also rent Atom Klub. It is a large room which can house up to 500 guests. Its movable walls make it possible to divide it into 3 smaller rooms. If a small-scale meeting is what you want to organise, you can rent a 20 or 40-person loge.

Learn more at https://stadionenerga.pl/



Gdansk Shakespeare Theatre

The Gdansk Shakespeare Theatre is a truly unique place. It is a cultural institution known for organising great events, and not only those art-related! The institution also rents rooms for congresses, press conferences, official banquets and other events. It also offers modern audio-visual equipment and a retractable roof! On a warm, cloudless night, you can enjoy a literal meeting under the stars.

Yet another advantage of the Theatre is that it is situated in the very centre of the Main Town. The majestic Trakt Krolewski street is only a five-minute walk away.

Details can be found HERE.


Teatr Szekspirowski

The Museum of the Second World War

This is a new building which opened in the spring of 2017. Its unique appearance makes it stand out even from very far away. The building’s tower is reminiscent of a pyramid or a shard of glass protruding from the ground, and measures approx. 40 metres. The total area of the building is 23,000 m2.

The Museum is a five-minute walk away from the famous Crane, and, in addition to its educational function, it also serves as a meeting and conference centre. Guests can use its large room featuring a cinema-like layout and a smaller room which is an actual cinema.

The former can house as many as 300 guests, and the smaller one offers 100 seats. Both are of course equipped with the latest audio and video technology, and those who would like to enjoy dinner can do so in a special area. The cafeteria is located on the top level of the glass tower and offers a marvellous view of Gdansk. In addition, the building features a parking garage.

More information can be found at https://muzeum1939.pl/strona-glowna




European Solidarity Centre

The sizeable and unique European Solidarity Centre is a popular tourist attraction and a symbol of the struggle of millions of Poles against the communist regime. In addition to many interesting exhibitions, the Centre is a great venue for all types of meetings, conferences and symposia.

The European Solidarity Centre features a modern Auditorium which can house up to 417 guests. The Auditorium is a multi-function room – it can serve as an event, conference of cinema venue. The Centre’s professional and qualified staff makes sure everything goes smoothly.

The adjacent open-access winter garden (885 m2) and the foyer (534 m2) can be used by event organisers as a reception and exhibition space.

Of course, the auditorium utilises advanced solutions with regard to audio, video and lighting technology, which makes it possible to organise all types of cultural and business events: concerts, theatre plays, film screenings and festivals, conferences, congresses, symposia, exhibitions, fairs and other prestigious business events.

Details and contact information can be found at: http://www.ecs.gda.pl



Gdansk Music and Congress Centre on Olowianka: (phil)harmony of history and modernity

It may be difficult to believe, but the beautiful Philharmonic building situated on Olowianka Island served as a power station several decades ago. However, it was rebuilt from the ground up and adapted to serve cultural needs.

The heart of the Centre is a concert and conference room with almost 1,000 seats, featuring a magnificent 95-voice organ from the Lausanne Cathedral. The centre also features 8 smaller rooms (for 40 to 200 guests), the Krolewski Hotel in the Royal Granary building, which dates back to 1606, a two-storey restaurant, a 5,000 m2 car park (where an exhibition tent can be set up), Salon Gdanski (which hosts banquets and business exhibitions), and one of the finest recording studios in Poland.

Every year, the Gdansk Music and Congress Centre holds almost 200 third-party events, including international conferences, galas, anniversaries, festivals, fairs, training sessions, weddings, official dinners, firework displays and recently even ice sculpting workshops.

A footbridge linking Olowianka with the Old Town is also available. The building features a large car park.

More information available HERE

Filharmonia Bałtycka


Ergo Arena

Associated by most with sports, ERGO ARENA is also a venue for large congresses, conferences, fairs and exhibitions. The nearly unlimited freedom to arrange the space, and to suspend scenery pieces and lighting, enables organisers to achieve a very warm atmosphere despite the building’s size.

ERGO ARENA is great for congresses of several thousand attendees and small-scale training sessions for employees which can end with a concert or a sports match.

Organisers and exhibitors have the enormous pitch level area to work with, as well as the training room, conference room and other interiors. ERGO ARENA offers a technical car park featuring electrical outlets and telecoms connections, as well as the ability to unload lorries directly onto the pitch. Another advantage of the building is its abundance of storage space.

More information at: http://ergoarena.pl/


Ergo Arena 1