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What is worth promoting in Gdańsk? Another study by the Gdańsk Tourist Organisation!

Between the 21st and the 23rd of June, Gdańsk had the pleasure of hosting a group of 5 tour operators from Germany, Sweden and the Czech Republic. The guests were very interested in the city as a new tourist destination for their customers.


These were two very intensive days: we visited hotels in Gdańsk and Sopot, as well as major points of interest on the cities’ tourist maps. What did our guests like best?
“The local hotels are excellent partners for my company. They offer great quality and prices are very competitive, especially compared to Western Europe” – said Marie Reese, who came from Sweden.

Meanwhile, Lucie Spladikova from Prague stressed the unique character of Gdańsk: “Prague is beautiful, but Gdańsk is a great city too, with a great atmosphere, different from what we know in Prague. And that’s it!”

With very good weather (which is not insignificant) we visited the Main City – including the Main Town Hall and the Amber Museum. The guests took a walk to the park in Oliwa and listened to a beautiful concert in the Cathedral. Then, they were invited to Sopot and the European Solidarity Centre at the end of the day.

“Everything is very interesting here. A modern city with a historic spirit. And the food is excellent…” this was the summary of the visit by Kalus Schleischer from Frankfurt.

We are hoping that the visit brings measurable results in terms of more tourists visiting Gdańsk, even this season!