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Women in Travel Summit 2020 in Gdansk

Thanks to work done by Gdansk Convention Bureau a big and prestigious evet - Women in Travel Summit 2020 will be hosted by Gdansk. In October 2020 over 200 bloggers and influencers from all over the world will visit us.



Riga was chosen as a conference host this year. The main part of the event took place from Friday till Sunday but there were many auxiliary event to choose from. There were 2 main targets of the meeting. It’s an exchange of experience and knowledge on one hand, and promotion of the city on the other. Girls produced “tons” of materials that found recipients worldwide, from USA to Hong-Kong.

To build up the pressure, next host city – Gdansk, was revealed only at the very last moment of the conference. Once it was clear that we will all meet in October in Gdansk, the room was filled with applause. The travelers told us, that they just couldn’t’ wait to visit our city. And so can’t we!

Details and registration: https://witsummit.com/europe