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A concert by Jozef van Wissem, the Lute Master

Van Wissem is the favourite composer of the American director Jim Jarmusch. He composed the “Only lovers left alive” soundtrack for which he received the 2013 Soundtrack Award in Cannes. Film music is just one of the many elements of his impressive artistic career, including his cooperation with Jim Jarmusch. His performance is scheduled for 10 May at St. John's Centre in Gdansk.


Jozef van Wissem
Jozef van Wissem
Fot. Centrum Św. Jana

Van Wissem's music – hypnotizing, pure, minimalistic and invoking deep emotions in the audience – creates an inimitable, transcendent atmosphere. Van Wissem is constantly on tour, performing in various corners of the world, including at festivals, such as All Tomorrow’s Parties. He completed his academic studies in New York where he still lives. He teaches a course called the Liberation of the Lute at Harvard, Wesleyan University and Mills College. The National Gallery in London has entrusted the musician with composing the soundtrack for “The Ambassadors,” a painting by Hans Holbein. Together with Tilda Swinton, he has also worked on the sensational “The Mystery of Heaven” record album.

Tickets: 40 zloty each, may be purchased in advance at 33/35, Korzenna Streat, in the PWN Bookshop, or in Empik, Saturn and MediaMarkt stores all over the country,

45 zloty – on the day of the event, tickets may be purchased up to an hour before the concert at the St. John’s Centre.