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Classical Gdańsk

If it is your first visit to Gdańsk make sure you see a few flagship places, symbols of the city. If you have been living here for years you have probably passed them on your way home many times. Perhaps it is worthwhile to stop and see them afresh? Every reason is good to have a walk to the Main Town and the Old Town and rediscover the hidden gems of architecture; this is why we invite you for a journey through classical Gdańsk.

Artus Court (7/12)

Artus Court
Artus Court
Fot. Gdańska Organizacja Turystyczna

The design and outlook of the Artus Court is full of cultural references, references to legends and myths of the antiquity and the Middle Ages. At present, the Artus Court consists of: the ground floors of two combined tenement houses called the Old House of the Court, the Artus Court proper and the New House of the Court while the entire complex is a branch of the Gdańsk History Museum. The Brotherhood of St. George whose members included knights from rich German families erected the Court in the Middle Ages through its own effort and with its own financial contribution. After a fire that burned the 14th century building, the current shape was originated in 1477 and the façade was rebuilt by Abraham van den Blocke. A 12 meters’ high Renaissance tiled stove with portraits of European rulers of the time and their coats of arms is an interesting component of the design of Artus Court halls