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Gdansk Panorama goes round and round

An attraction of the last few seasons has returned to us. An over 50 m high “Amber Sky” observation wheel thanks to which we can admire the wonderful panorama of our city has emerged on the Granary Island. Go for a ride with Amber Sky!

Admire the beautiful panorama of Gdansk (1/1)

Ferris wheel Amber Sky
Ferris wheel Amber Sky

A huge Ferris wheel makes it possible to experience the city pleasures, look at the historical Downtown, the amber stadium of Gdansk, the shipyard with historical cranes, moraine hills and even the distant Hel peninsula from a completely new perspective.

This year, the wheel was built next to the Deo Gloria granary. The inauguration preceded by a laser show took place on Friday, June 17. On Saturday, the first 100 people could use the attraction for free. The wheel carried 1.5 thousand passengers on that day.

Amber Sky is a brand new wheel. The name refers to amber. It contains 36 air-conditioned cabins at the disposal of the guests (including 1 VIP cabin with glazed floor). The ride costs PLN 25 and lasts about 15 minutes, i.e. 3 full rotations of the wheel. 288 people can ride it at the same time in all the cabins. An interesting thing is that people less than 1.4 m tall pay PLN 15 and children up to 3 year can see the city panorama for free. The wheel is surrounded with a wooden terrace made of larch wood with the anti-slip surface. White deck chairs, white umbrellas and a stylish catering point create a nice chill-out zone.

Opening hours: 10:00 - 22:00
Tickets can be bought in the booth in front of the observation wheel.
The attraction will be open for visitors till mid-September.

Sky Wheels Poland is the operator of the wheel.