Święto Wolności i Solidarności
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Following the Gdansk view points

Have you ever thought what Gdansk looks like from the height of over 100 metres? Or perhaps you like climbing and you want to see the city from somewhat different perspective? For active people, it will be an interesting idea to sightsee the city by climbing the highest peaks of which there are quite a few in Gdansk!

Panorama Restaurant (8/11)

Panorama Restaurant
Panorama Restaurant
Fot. Gdańska Organizacja Turystyczna

The “Zieleniak” Business Centre is a skyscraper in the centre of Gdansk, built in 1966-1971. In compliance with then prevailing trends in urban planning, it was a landmark in the city. It owes its name to the colour of its facade. On the 16th floor there is the “Panorama” restaurant which is also a vantage point. From there you can admire the charming panorama of Gdansk and have a look at Plac Solidarności and the shipyard.