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The most beautiful parks in Gdansk

Gdansk is not only full of historical monuments but also of parks where you can rest among nature and have some nice time. The numerous parks in Gdańsk make the city even more attractive. Take a stroll in the Oliwa Park, visit the exceptional neighbourhood of Orunia and the local park, take a trip following the trails of the Tricity Landscape Park or take you family for a walk to the park by the beach. The most beautiful parks in Gdańsk are worth visiting in every season of the year.

Ronald Reagan Park (5/8)

Ronald Reagan Park
Ronald Reagan Park
Fot. Panek Wikimedia.org/CC

One of the three seaside parks which is the newest one, was named after the former US President.  Located in the district of Przymorze, the Park of 55.5 ha is an ideal place to rest and have some fun with children. In the park there are coniferous and deciduous forests, meadows as well as places for those who want to spend their time actively. Two designated paths - one for cyclists and one for pedestrians, a special site with an open air gym and a skatepark. All of that combined with a fast access to the beach gives an exceptional charm to the place. Additionally small, picturesque ponds create a beautiful landscape, not only in the summer. This is a place for walks and active recreation in every season of the year.