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Soon, from April 19th to 22nd, the eighth edition of the festival of world and jazz music, Luzophon culture, boler, moir, samb and other hypnotic rhythms will be held in Gdańsk.

The festival will start on Thursday with a concert by Sara Tavares, the owner of one of the most characteristic timbre of voices within the whole of Lusophone music.
The artist appeared for the first time in Poland on the occasion of the first edition of the Siesta Festival, she was supposed to perform again last year, but her health problems forced her to cancel stage performances. This time she will open the festival with a concert at the Stary Maneż club and will present to us, apart from her hits, the latest songs from the last album, which had not yet been presented to the Polish audience.
Sara Tavares, Thursday 19.04.2018 at 19:00, Stary Maneż
For the first time in Poland, we will be hosting this year's Grammy nominee for the "Best Jazz Vocal Album" award, the outstanding musician, Raul Midon. When the artist finished the solo part in one of Herbie Hancock's songs, Hancock said: "Well, there is nothing left for me to do" - and that alone can be a prelude to what awaits us during Raul's performance on Friday. He played with the aforementioned Hancock, Stevie Wonder, Jose Feliciano, Shakira, Lizz Wright, Marcus Miller, Richard Bona, Dianne Reeves... It is not enough to talk about him as only a jazz artist - he is a total artist and we will be able to see it for ourselves soon:
Raul Midon, Friday 20.04.2018 at 17:00, Baltic Philharmonic.

Immediately after Raul Midon's concert the place on the stage at the Baltic Philharmonic will be taken up by Marta Gomez and her wonderful music: seven albums, plenty of awards, magnificent lyrics, enchanting voice, Caribbean rhythms, Andean melodies, Colombian sounds and Bolivian dances interwoven with jazz and pop, create a unique, wonderful whole.
Marta Gomez, Friday 20.04.2018 at 20:00, Baltic Philharmonic

Saturday will belong to one of the biggest artists of world music, one of our closest Siesta friends, anointed by the much regretted Cesaria, the creator of a part of the repertoire of, among others, The Queen of Fado: Mariza - our guest will be Tito Paris. Finally, after years of giving concerts, which he loves, and recording albums for other performers, he has released his new album and he will present it  at Siesta Festival 2018. And because of the fact that he is adored in the country on the Vistula River like almost nowhere else in the world, he will perform and sing for us a concert after concert in one day, almost without interruption:
Tito Paris, Saturday 21.04.2018 at 17:00 and 20:00, Baltic Philharmonic

On Sunday, the last day of the festival, there will be a performance by the biggest and most popular vocal ensemble in the world. After years of absence in Poland, after winning countless awards, gold and platinum records and receiving ovations on the world's most important concert stages, they will perform at a concert, which may be the only one in Europe this year, and not only in Poland.
Take 6, Sunday 22.04.2018 at 19:00, Baltic Philharmonic

The festival has a tradition of ending with a club, dance fiesta and this year it will be no different. For the first time in our country we will be hosting Roberta Sa. she will be our dance leader and mistress of ceremonies. Roberta is currently the most famous artist in singing Brazil and is becoming more and more boldly present on the world's music market. It was not without a reason that she dignified the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games at Marakana Stadium, which was filled to the brim. In her oeuvre, Roberta combines the old with the new, Brazil with Portugal, and the Americas.... and we hope that she will share her hot, Brazilian sunshine with us, already in April.
Roberta Sa, Sunday 22.04.2018 at 22:00, Stary Maneż

Separate festival phenomena are the annual Fado Nights, dinners, conversations, concerts - spectacles that focus on bringing the atmosphere of the traditional Lisbon tavern closer to our herring eating inhabitants of a country considered by the southern residents to be almost a cold pole. Every year these evenings are very popular and high esteemed, and they host such celebrities as Pedro Moutinho, Helder Moutinho, Cuca Roseta, Raquel Tavares and Mario Pacheco. This year, the queen of three nights with Fado and Lisbon will be the fantastic Fabia Rebordao (it will be her first visit to Poland!).
Fabia Rebordao, Thursday, Friday, Saturday 19, 21 and 22.04.2018 at 22:00, Baltic Philharmonic, Fado Nights at Siesta Festival.
Ten concerts in four days. Great artists. The wonderful atmosphere created by the lovely audience, the charm and history of the city and the unique sounds in unusual combinations. We encourage you to take part in Siesta Festival 2018 on April 19-22, 2018 in Gdańsk.