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Gdansk for free

Sightseeing in Gdańsk and great fun with no need to reach for your wallet? It is possible! There are many interesting places in this beautiful city that you can visit and see for free while having a good time in the process. Print this article, go out and do not worry about the expenses. You will rediscover Gdańsk with us with no need to spend money too often. Ready to go? Let us begin.

Sobieszewo Island (8/9)

Sobieszewo Island
Sobieszewo Island
Fot. Gdańska Organizacja Turystyczna

A place to calm down and relax in the nature is located only 15 km from the centre of Gdańsk. Obviously, it is the Sobieszewska Island. It is famous for its two beautiful nature reserves. The “Ptasi Raj” (Birds’ Paradise) in Górki Wschodnie and “Mewia Łacha” (Seagull Sandbank) in Świbno. These places are inhabited by many species of birds. If you are an ornithologist or simply like to be in the nature you just have to go there. Additionally, you may be overwhelmed with the beautiful sights of the Vistula Mouth; if you like fishing it will be an opportunity to test your skills. The Sobieszewska Island contains not only the wonders of nature but also some architectural gems. One can encounter historical objects such as the 19th century water gate in Przegalin, Forsterówka in Orle, i.e. the former residence of gauleiter Albert Forster, Evangelic Steles by the church in Sobieszewo and historical houses in Pastwa Sobieszewska.

For those who like to spend their free time in an active manner, it is recommended to go there by bike because many interesting bike routes can be found there.