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Water trams are back!

Zegluga Gdanska has resumed passenger ships which transport passengers along two routes: to Westerplatte and to the National Sailing Centre in Gorki Zachodnie until 30 September 2017.

Water trams are back! (1/1)

Water tram
Water tram
Fot. Zarząd Transportu Miejskiego w Gdańsku

A trip on a water tram is an attractive offer for tourists. It is an alternative way of travelling and an opportunity to see Gdansk from the water.

SONICA and SONICA I are the passenger ships which transport tourists along the two routes. Each vessel can hold up to 40 persons and 5 bicycles. There are seats for all passengers in an enclosed, glazed lounge. There are the following two routes:

  • Route F5 from Zabi Kruk: Zielony Most - Targ Rybny - Wiosny Ludow - Nabrzeze Zbozowe - Twierdza Wisloujscie - Westerplatte - Nowy Port Latarnia Morska - Brzezno.
  • Route F6: Targ Rybny - Wiosna Ludow - Sienna Grobla II - Tamka - Stogi - Gorki Zachodnie - National Sailing Centre - Wyspa Sobieszewska (island) - Sobieszewo.

Fares: PLN 10/ discount rate PLN 5 / bicycle PLN 5

See the stops and schedule at: F5 (Westerplatte), F6 (Gorki Zachodnie, National Sailing Centre).